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Monthly Archives : August 2014


Apps: The Good, the Bad, and the Angry (Birds)

When a tech company rolls out a user-friendly, profit-generating application, dozens of others in the industry attempt their own versions, struggling to keep within patented parameters and away from copyright infringements. Many will try, and fail, to boost sales of a copycat app. Consumers are then faced with the question: which app is better? Is it worth it to spend the 99 cents (or more) on a less-advertised download or stick with the popularized free version that might be just as good, or vice versa? Here’s a look at some of the digital world’s most featured applications and their alternatives.

The Pointless Tech Invention Saga

Here’s a sample of some of the worst ideas, that actually made it to fruition, out there:

5) LED Umbrella

The lighted shaft of this umbrella (think light saber and umbrella combo) looks cool but from what I can tell, it isn’t any more useful than a regular umbrella, unless, of course, you ever meet Darth Vader in a dark alley.

Top 6 Reasons to Work with an IT Recruiter

With a sudden rapid demand for filled IT positions, companies are scrambling for new additions to their staff as quickly as possible. Their built-in recruiters are being overloaded with applicants and being bombarded down by stacks of resumes than by the strengths of the unique and qualified candidate themselves. Working with an IT recruiter takes a load off of a companies staff and provides a highly trained middle-man to professionally work the in’s and out’s of the IT recruiting world.

Florida Takes Steps to Improve Education for IT Students with TEAm Grant

Ranking third nationally for IT Jobs, Florida has seen a dramatic increase in demand for skilled IT Professionals. With this spike, the demand for IT professionals coming from the Florida education system is at an all-time high as well. With its close proximity to LATAM, Florida has the potential to become the largest state for IT Jobs as the LATAM market continues to expand, bringing many US headquarters to Florida. With these incentives, having homegrown talent ready and able to meet the demand is essential to continued growth in the IT sector of Florida as a whole.

Five of 2014’s Best Part-Time IT Jobs with Benefits

Looking for a part-time IT job in an unlikely place? These companies may not necessarily be known for being IT-focused, but they do offer a multitude of benefits for part-time IT employees.


The aerospace and defense recruiting and staffing firm offers part-time IT jobs positions in everything from engineering to construction. Contracted workers who put in 20 hours or more each week are offered a number of generous medical benefits, including dental and vision coverage. Spouses and any dependent children are eligible as well.

Reflection: My Marketing Internship at PROTECH

Finding a summer marketing internship in South Florida was not an easy task trying to work around my summer schedule before I went back up to Florida State University in the fall. When I stumbled upon PROTECH, I was grateful for the opportunity and experience to broaden my knowledge in a working environment. I wasn’t too familiar with marketing and what it entailed but I was willing to learn and grow, especially due to my major being in Communications.

5 IT Companies with the Greatest Employee Perks

IT companies offer their employees some of the greatest and most unique benefits you could even imagine. No more settling for your average parking spot or coffee machine, with these perks, you’ll wish you worked at these places in a minute.


Not only does working at Google provide you with the vibrant and colorful work life you wish for everyday, they offer tons of employee benefits and perks that make getting up to go to work a little easier. The Googleplex is home to swimming pools, a gym, and even an on-site oil change and car wash service. If you’re having a hard day at the office (not likely), employees don’t hesitate to get a massage, take a nap in the nap pods, and stop by their café where all the food there is free.