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Monthly Archives : April 2015


PROTECH Launches New Website and Applicant Portal

April 17, 2015. Boca Raton, FL. PROTECH, the leading South Florida information technology (IT) search and staffing firm known for its yearly Tech Leadership and Tech Talent Surveys, recently launched a new, fully-responsive website and applicant portal. The new applicant portal allows candidates to quickly apply to positions that interest them with a resume or through social profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. With a fully responsive design, candidates are better able to apply to jobs on all devices including laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

Seven Deadly Sins of HR

HR Departments can be essential to ensuring the smooth operations of a company. However, some HR Departments have outdated, unfair and downright terrible rules that disrupt companies and force employees to find employment elsewhere. Here are the Seven Deadliest Sins of HR and why these practices should be avoided.

4 Signs of a Bad Future Boss

You’re interviewing for your dream job. The salary, location and company all seem like a great fit for you. The one thing that’s harder to gauge is how good your future boss would be. One of the biggest concerns for employees taking a new job according to our yearly surveys is the person they’ll be reporting to. A good boss can make your workplace enjoyable and even make you look forward to coming in each day. A bad boss, however, can make you dream of handing in your resignation. How can you tell if your future boss is going to be a good one or one that will make your life miserable?

In the Spotlight: Company Culture

Companies are always striving for a winning company culture. A great company culture attracts top tier talent and helps retain talent, however, a poor company culture is actually one of the top reasons that employees leave a position. In fact, according to our 2015 Tech Talent Surveys, 16% of employees would leave an employer due to company culture. That should be a startling statistic for companies everywhere.