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Monthly Archives : May 2015


Smartwatch Wars: Android Wear vs. Apple Watch

Last night, during Google’s I/O keynote, Google announced big things were happening with their Android Wear platform. Although the release of the Apple Watch might have drowned out the initial release of Android Wear, Google stepped up and announced that users now have access to over 4,000 apps for Android, many of them even free. Plus, with Android being an open source platform, apps are constantly being developed and released by developers not affiliated with Google.

Disrupting Traditional Advertising: AdMobilize

Recently, I sat down with Rafael De Armas of the AdMobilize Team to learn more about their unique advertising product called AdBeacon. AdMobilize is disrupting the traditional advertising space by offering something everyone wants but doesn’t know how to get – viewer data. Until now, actual data on viewership for many traditional advertising mediums have been impossible to get. How many people actually looked at our billboard? How many people saw our Sale banner and came in? How many people are actually watching our screens as advertising ads run? Questions like these have remained unanswered until now. AdMobilize is trying to revolutionize traditional marketing by finally providing answers to the tough questions.