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Monthly Archives : July 2015


Keys to hiring great tech sales talent

As one of the leading software sales recruiters in Miami, we’ve compiled some of the tips that have helped us place leading sales talent from startups to multinational corporations. Having the right sales team in place is critical to business growth. Even if you have the best software on the market, if your sales team is below average you’ll fall behind your competitors.

Hiring Strategies for Rockstar Hiring Managers: Finding and Getting your Dream Candidate to Say “Yes”

The hiring process can be surprisingly similar to dating: even when you like someone, unless they return the feelings then it won’t get past the first interview. Through our yearly research, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to attract – and retain – the candidates you want. Avoid rookie mistakes and gain the skills to woo your dream candidate.

If it’s not an iPhone…well, it’s not an iPhone [Video]

Apple released their new video promoting the iPhone. With the not-so-subtle messaging stating that iPhone is better because they design both the hardware and the software and a tag line “If it’s not an iPhone. It’s not an iPhone” Apple is now directly taking on Android Devices. It’s a bit out of the norm for Apple with typical advertisements up-playing their benefits without dissing the competition.

How to retain employees through your hiring process

Fit and Commit is a methodology aimed at preventing employee turnover and improving your company’s overall retention rate. Based on our annual surveys, the strategy behind Fit and Commit is to match a candidate not just on Fit (skill and compensation level) but also on Commit (the candidates overall commitment to taking a new position).