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Monthly Archives : August 2015


“Tech leaders unswayed by changes at Citrix” – PROTECH CEO, Deborah Vazquez, Quoted in Sun Sentinel

With Citrix’s future in South Florida uncertain, tech leaders in South Florida were interviewed by the Sun Sentinel to give their input on how the possible move of the tech giant to Silicon Valley could affect the local tech front. Deborah Vazquez, CEO of PROTECH, was interviewed for the story.

Google to become giant conglomerate called Alphabet/ Sundar Pichai named new Google CEO

Google is out and Alphabet is in. With anti-trust issues in Europe and so many unique branches making up the current Google (AdWords, YouTube, Gmail, Docs, Maps, Cars, etc, etc, etc), it’s no longer your grandmother’s search engine. Instead of operating all of those subsidiary companies under the Google name, they’ll all be under a conglomerate called Alphabet.