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Monthly Archives : March 2016


PROTECH Survey featured on first page of

Tech companies should be very concerned with turnover according to the newly released yearly survey by tech staffing firm, PROTECH. The startling results indicated that 90 percent of IT Professionals are ready to make a change for a ‘better opportunity’. This is the highest reported figure in the past 12 years, indicating a possibly volatile situation for tech employers in the coming year. For companies looking to snatch up great talent, this might be good news for your team.

Survey says: 90% of your employees would leave for a better opportunity

2016 looks like the year of the turnover in the tech space. A record 90% of currently employed IT professionals reported that they would pack up and give their two weeks notice for something that they considered a “better” opportunity. For employers, this should sound some alarms. For employees, this means that there will be plenty of openings