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PROTECH was founded in 1996 by software industry executive, Deborah Vazquez. Prior to founding PROTECH, Deborah was an executive VP working for Data Access Worldwide, a global, innovative software company that released the first objected-oriented 4GL and database environment commercially.  This was prior to industry giants like Microsoft adopting and investing in the promise of a whole new way of programming (OOP), now proven and prevalent on all major development platforms.

Deborah started her career as an applications developer before transitioning to the business side of the technology industry. She’s held roles in product management, corporate and government sales, strategic alliances, national distribution, global sales and marketing, and global operations, where she was a Sr. VP, responsible for setting up international wholly-owned subsidiaries and exclusive distribution partnerships.

As a technology leader responsible for hiring within her own teams, Deborah found she had limited success with using recruiting firms to assist with tech hiring. Often, this was due to the lack of understanding of technology and the IT industry. She also found that many were focused on quick transactions rather than spending the time to truly understand the need and build a long-term relationship.

Frustrated with a lack of firms able to deliver the hires she needed, Deborah recognized a gap in the tech staffing and recruiting space for a relationship-driven firm with a solid grasp of technology. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and encouragement from friends and industry colleagues, Deborah decided to incorporate PROTECH in 1996. However, it wasn’t until 2000 when Deborah took the plunge from a successful tech leader to founder. Deborah quickly learned that her timing was not ideal, since shortly after she founded PROTECH she faced the dot com crash, technology led recession, corporate scandals and a stock market crash. All which took a negative toll on the industry and tech hiring.

While many new and established firms went out of business during this time, Deborah used it as an opportunity to build relationships with companies going through massive layoffs, as she was confident the technology market and economy would eventually turn around and hiring needs would pick up. At this time, Deborah also led key tech industry associations and joined industry boards in order to share her expertise in the technology and hiring space.

Nearly 20 years later, PROTECH is still thriving due in part to a unique methodology Deborah developed using her experience and perspective as a tech employer. Through this methodology, PROTECH has been highly successful in helping companies make key technical hires – with some of the highest retention rates in the industry. She also created the widely-reported Tech industry leadership and workforce yearly surveys that answer important questions for both tech employers and IT professionals about industry trends.

Thought leadership, proven results, technology-focused and numerous client references have established PROTECH as a serious, reputable player in tech recruiting and staffing known for quality and speed.  Today the company works with top employers across the Americas filling roles within corporate IT departments and providing a unique end-to-end recruiting solution to software industry companies.

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  • "PROTECH has helped us hire dozens of software engineers and engineering management over the years.  They ask the right questions and understand what we are looking for in candidates."

    Chris G.

    Leading SaaS Software company

  • "My experience with PROTECH was the best experience that I ever had in my career working with a recruiting firm. The staff was timely with their communications, knowledgeable about the industry and key players in the firm that I would be meeting with, and, most importantly, very professional. I was briefed prior to every interview prior to the meeting which helped me prepare myself and the messages I wanted to communicate to that person. If I ever find myself looking for a job in the hi-tech industry, my first call will be to PROTECH.”

    Mike S.

    Director of Data Processing Solutions Fortune 500 Managed Services Company

  • “PROTECH not only placed me with a perfect company to benefit from my tech sales skills and client relationships, but they fit me with a company culture that needed my leadership style. Thank you for the excellent work PROTECH, I will recommend you highly to my professional network.”

    Stephanie C.

    VP Sales, North America Big Data Technology Company

  • "In the process of working with you, it became obvious to me that PROTECH not only takes care of its clients, but also its consultants. This is very important because it assures us that the resource you provide will be motivated to stay on throughout the project."

    Paul B.

    Sr. Project Manager Big Four Consulting Firm

  • "Out of all of the agencies we asked to assist us, PROTECH was the only one that truly understood what we were looking for. Your professionalism and on-target services clearly distinguish PROTECH from other agencies in the market."

    Eric L.

    VP of IT Regional Headquarters for British Global Bank