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The Secret to Retention: Happiness

Every year, the PROTECH workforce and leadership surveys offer insight into workforce trends, including motivating factors for job seekers. No matter what a candidate may answer as their reason for leaving or considering new roles, it always boils down to one simple thing: happiness.

‘Tis the Season to Ask for a Raise…Here’s How

With the end of the year fast approaching, supermarket aisles are already brimming with holiday decorations and festive treats. While most people are dreaming of spending a few relaxing days with friends and family, the wise employee recognizes their opportunity to get the raise they are looking for – and maybe even a solid end-of-the-year bonus as well.

Sailing on treacherous seas: When part time becomes full time – Rochester Business Journal

“As a manager, you should never expect those below you to put in extra hours when you’re not doing the same. Given your position, you may be able to negotiate a better deal for yourself, but it could cause a ripple effect when others see that you’re working fewer hours,” says Elizabeth Becker, a recruiting expert and client partner for Protech, a Florida tech staffing firm specializing in executive, tech sales and IT positions.