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Uber and Lyft leave Austin to protest fingerprint background checks

In their early days, Uber and Lyft were little startups fighting against ‘big taxi’ and government officials who were supposedly being bought with that big taxi money. With a common hate for the traditional dirty, thieving taxi industry, the common man, woman and child believed regulations against Uber and Lyft as blows against themselves and their choices. What’s next, we collectively asked, is the government going to want to charge me a fee for taking my sister to the airport? Do I need to get a background check to pick up my friend from the bar?

Miami Entrepreneur launches ‘sharing economy for small businesses’, giving them access to an integrated business suite of tools for a low cost

When it comes to powerful business tools like Salesforce or Marketo, small businesses may want access but either can’t afford the high price point. Along with that, lower tier plans a small business might be able to afford often include a bare-bones version of the platform, stripping away key productivity features. Want just your marketing person to have access to the Salesforce marketing tools? You’ll have to upgrade all of your users (and pay significantly more a month) just for one person to have access to the tools they need to successfully do their job.

10 executive coaches share their tips for negotiating pay – PROTECH Expert Quoted on Monster Blog

“Don’t wait for [an employer] to mention a figure. Traditional advice says to never be the first to mention a salary target, in case they were planning to offer you more than your wildest dreams, but let’s be realistic—they’ll throw a low number out to see if you’ll take it, and once that small figure is on the table, it may be uncomfortable to go after anything substantially larger.” —Elizabeth Becker, client partner with PROTECH in Charlotte, North Carolina

The key to landing a job at a startup

For many, the excitement of working at a startup is worth the risks. Unless you’re working for a unicorn startup (which, is it really even still considered a startup at that point?), it often requires longer hours, a cut in pay, and less benefits. Yet people drop their corporate jobs all the time for the excitement of the startup life and possibly a big payout if the startup is successful.