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The Smarter Smartphone Accessory: Top 4 Picks

With battery-draining applications on the front burner, smartphone users are forced to turn to chargers more often than they might like, or be able, to. Tech companies have come out with a solution to that problem with lines of portable charging devices; however, some models tend to be bulky, awkward, or just downright inconvenient. The Mophie offers a sleek, portable, and user-friendly way to charge smartphones, as well as some iPod, iPad, and tablet models. Charging cases range in price from $80 up to $120 and are available for the iPhone 4 and 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and S III. The smartphone accessories are sold in a variety of colors and fit just as non-charging cases would, though they do require an adapter cable (included) to use the headphone jack.

PRO-spective: Musings on a Marketing Internship at PROTECH

I wasn’t sure if I would even land the marketing internship at PROTECH when I was asked in for an interview. I assumed that the company would be flooded by college marketing majors looking for a summer gig, and I, being neither a college student (read: yet- New York University Class of 2018), nor a marketing major (I’m heading in undecided), believed myself to have the disadvantage. But you have to start somewhere, no?

10 Most Popular Websites That You Visit

Google. No surprise here that Google is the winner of this popular websites contest. Google isn’t just a search engine; it’s a go-to way of life. Google is your right-hand man for anything and everything you might want or need. About 1,100,000,000 people visit Google monthly and that number alone is representative of just the type of saving Google provides for us. No wonder it’s the leading website in most website visits.

Is the Company a Fit for You?

Getting an interview is always exciting. The job description looked great, the pay is what you’re looking for and the location couldn’t be better. They claim they have a great company culture. You’re ready to take that job as soon as they offer it.

Online Retail Bringing its E (E-Commerce) Game

Ebay and Amazon may together be popularly thought of as the hallmarks of e-commerce, but several other online markets, some general like the two biggest competitors and some more specialized, are starting to edge into, and shape, the Web’s business and trading scene. This even includes pet adoptions! Check out these three popular E-commerce sites and fun facts that set them apart from the rest.

Apps: The Good, the Bad, and the Angry (Birds)

When a tech company rolls out a user-friendly, profit-generating application, dozens of others in the industry attempt their own versions, struggling to keep within patented parameters and away from copyright infringements. Many will try, and fail, to boost sales of a copycat app. Consumers are then faced with the question: which app is better? Is it worth it to spend the 99 cents (or more) on a less-advertised download or stick with the popularized free version that might be just as good, or vice versa? Here’s a look at some of the digital world’s most featured applications and their alternatives.