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IT Entry Level Jobs – Why Study Information Technology?

So you’re studying Information Technology in college. You’re at your computer station listening to the lecturer. It’s three hours long and you’re wondering, why you’re in class. When you head into class it’s day time. It’s hard to maintain focus during class. By the time you leave, the sun is setting. The day turns to dusk. You’re exhausted. You’re wondering what happened to the sun. In the end you’re wondering whether this was worth it.

Fly to the “Beats”, Apple Partners with Southwest to offer Free In-Flight Music Streaming

Announced today – and beginning today – your next flight may have a bit more, well Beats. Amid rumors that Beats Music is on its way out, Apple continues to push its newly-purchased Beats Music to various venues, including its latest integration with Apple TV and now Southwest Airlines. This latest addition of Southwest is expected to be a trial period for the brand to test consumer receptiveness as well as introduce potential new users to Beats. It’s a fairly good plan as Southwest users are a captive audience and getting something for free is always a bonus in the current trend of no-frills, bare-bones flights.

10 Interview Tips You Need to Know Before Taking the Job

A job interview should be viewed as a two sided street. As a candidate, you should be interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. I’ve had friends, family and colleagues all end up in the wrong job because they didn’t ask the right questions before they started. Be the candidate posing original questions of the hiring manager instead of merely answering all the questions you’re asked. It may seem a bit intimidating, but this out-of-the-box strategy not only benefits the candidate, who can show that he or she has done their research and knows what they’re doing. It could very well impress a potential employer who will see initiative and promise. Avoid surprises and check out these interview tips so you’ll not only get a job offer, you’ll also know whether or not to accept.

The Smarter Smartphone Accessory: Top 4 Picks

With battery-draining applications on the front burner, smartphone users are forced to turn to chargers more often than they might like, or be able, to. Tech companies have come out with a solution to that problem with lines of portable charging devices; however, some models tend to be bulky, awkward, or just downright inconvenient. The Mophie offers a sleek, portable, and user-friendly way to charge smartphones, as well as some iPod, iPad, and tablet models. Charging cases range in price from $80 up to $120 and are available for the iPhone 4 and 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and S III. The smartphone accessories are sold in a variety of colors and fit just as non-charging cases would, though they do require an adapter cable (included) to use the headphone jack.

PRO-spective: Musings on a Marketing Internship at PROTECH

I wasn’t sure if I would even land the marketing internship at PROTECH when I was asked in for an interview. I assumed that the company would be flooded by college marketing majors looking for a summer gig, and I, being neither a college student (read: yet- New York University Class of 2018), nor a marketing major (I’m heading in undecided), believed myself to have the disadvantage. But you have to start somewhere, no?

10 Most Popular Websites That You Visit

Google. No surprise here that Google is the winner of this popular websites contest. Google isn’t just a search engine; it’s a go-to way of life. Google is your right-hand man for anything and everything you might want or need. About 1,100,000,000 people visit Google monthly and that number alone is representative of just the type of saving Google provides for us. No wonder it’s the leading website in most website visits.