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PROTECH sponsoring ITPalooza on Dec 8, 2016


IT Professionals are encouraged to stop by the PROTECH booth at ITPalooza in the main atrium to meet the PROTECH team and sign up to win a prize.

South Florida IT Staffing Leader, PROTECH, will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the ITPalooza Tech Event on Thursday, December 8, 2016. The event will take place at the Signature Grand in Fort Lauderdale.

ITPalooza will provide opportunities for those in the tech space to network with other IT Professionals. There will also be various Technology Tracks featuring over 60 of South Florida’s Top IT professionals. For developers, special hands-on developer workshops will be held throughout the day and taught by industry experts.

“ITPalooza is a great way to meet others in the tech industry as well as help support great charities,” said Deborah Vazquez, CEO of PROTECH. “We are excited to help sponsor this event and help the South Florida Tech Industry continue to expand.”



PROTECH is encouraging anyone interested in learning more about their services to visit their booth in the Atrium portion of ITPalooza. Job seekers are encouraged to bring in their resume as PROTECH recruiters will be available to discuss current job openings.

Along with strengthening the South Florida IT Community, the 5rd Annual ITPalooza will also help support local organizations. In exchange for a donation of two toys ($12 value or more), tickets are free for all ITPalooza Attendees. Tickets are also available for $35 at the door with proceeds benefiting charitable organizations. To reserve your tickets, visit


PROTECH is a full-service firm specializing in IT consulting and careers, providing the right talent and solutions to top-tier companies through their IT Staffing, Technology Sales Recruitment, and Executive Search services. Their seasoned team of IT recruiters have worked in the IT industry with high-growth start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. PROTECH’s clients have unmatched access to an extensive network of professionals and resources in the IT industry. For more information about how PROTECH can help you hire or get hired, please visit

Review of Raumfeld One M



Fantastic sound quality
App makes it easy to use with other Raumfeld Speakers
Sleek and slim design
Very easy set-up
Auto shut off


A bit on the pricey side


It’s fairly heavy for the size
Not as compatible as other systems

About Raumfeld:

Raumfeld is fairly new to the audio game. According to their website, they’ve only been in business since 2008.

Raumfeld was founded in 2008 in Berlin, Germany by Stephan Schulz and Michael Hirsch, two audiophiles and early pioneers of the movement towards better digital sound. At a time when most people were still marveling at the convenience of MP3 players, Schulz and Hirsch were thinking of ways to improve the quality of digital music playback. Their solution was to develop a wireless multi-room system that could stream high quality audio files and reproduce them the way the artist intended.

In 2010, Raumfeld’s advanced software was joined to premium audio components following its acquisition by the Berlin Acoustics Group. Home to the German loudspeaker manufacturer Teufel, the Berlin Acoustics Group gave Raumfeld access to over 35 years’ experience creating state-of-the-art audio systems. In-house development in the two brands’ common Berlin headquarters facilitates the exchange of ideas and innovation.

Setup of Raumfeld One M

The Raumfeld One M isn’t plug and play, however, it’s fairly simple to set up even if you’re not too technical. Once you’ve plugged in the unit, you need to download the Raumfeld app and chose the setup option. It will walk you through set-up to your home Wi-Fi. You can also plug the Raumfeld One M directly to your home router into your ethernet cable.

About the RaumFeld M One:

The Raumfeld M One is the best quality speaker Raumfeld offers for the size. Although it’s twice as much as the other single unit (Raumfeld One S), it offers better sound quality, performance, and line-in capabilities. It also has a sleek and appealing design that adds nice appeal to any room without taking up too much counter-space.



The Raumfeld speaker design also made it fairly cat-proof. With a slopped surface, my cat decided he’d rather just sit near it instead of on top, and with the heavy build, there’s less chance of it getting knocked to the floor. Although he was visibly disappointed since he enjoys sitting on speakers, he will no doubt get over it.

Size of the Raumfeld M One with cat for scale.


Sound is spectacular, but anything less for $500 would be a severe disappointment. You can control the volume from the app very easily or directly on the unit with the knob. I liked the simplicity of the whole setup, however, if you enjoy tweaking things like treble/bass, I didn’t see any options for that.

I received the Raumfeld M One in black, however, you can also choose to purchase in white as well, which is a nice option to have since many competitors do not have color variations.


Although there’s not many buttons (since a Wi-Fi Speaker is primarily designed to be controlled via an app), the buttons it does have are tasteful and useful. A single volume knob, on/off button, two lights for pairing, and four pre-set buttons.


After trying to figure out all the buttons on a mid 2000’s speaker system in a friends car, sometimes less is more. The limited buttons also makes the speaker fairly language-free, which is always a good thing for an international product.

My favorite part of the system was the Mobile App. It was surprisingly easy to navigate, and owning the Sound Bar as well, I discovered both devices can be controlled simultaneously so I have have music in multiple rooms at different volumes. No doubt this will be useful at my next house party. And if I only want music playing in one room, it’s easy to select only the speaker I want to use.




The app itself is fairly simple, however, from earlier editions it sounds as though it has improved. You now can pause music from the app, which was reportedly not available in early app versions.

Options for listing to music include Line In, music on your phone, or premium features like Spotify. I’m still trying to figure out how it would work for listing to things from YouTube and other online sources, will update when I’ve figured out if that’s possible.




The radio feature is fantastic since it doesn’t cost anything to use and you don’t need to have music stored on your phone. Personally, that’s been my most used feature in the time owning the Raumfeld M One.






The Raumfeld One M is a high quality home speaker with an easy to use interface, making it a really nice speaker if you’re willing to pay extra for a bit more quality.




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