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10 Hottest Tech Skills for 2017

New research by HiringSolved uncovered the top most in-demand technology skills for 2017. HiringSolved used data from more than 10,000 public profiles for tech workers hired or promoted into new positions in 2016 and the first two months of 2017 in Silicon Valley to paint a portrait of the most wanted tech employee.

[Infographic] 2016 Employee Happiness Report

Are you giving your employees what they really want? We used data from the 2016 PROTECH Surveys to create this infographic all about employee happiness.

Facts about vacation in the US

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t take all of your vacation time. In fact, over 160 million days are forfeited each year because they go unused. If you don’t use your PTO, you’re working those hours for free. Even if you love your job, most people don’t like working for free. Unless you’re volunteering for a local organization or charity. In 2016, why not make a pledge to use PTO days that you’d have to forfeit to help your local community in a positive way? #DonateDontForfeit

The PROTECH “Lead – Engineer – Sell” Approach


With 15 years in the the IT staffing industry, we are a trusted adviser for software startups all the way up to Fortune 500’s due to our unique partnership mentality. Our 360° approach allows us to successfully assist leading software companies in filling any position in their company, from those that lead (c-level executives) to those that develop (engineers and architects) to those that get your product seen (tech sales and marketing).