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Tech sector jobs are in demand as companies beef up security

Deborah Vazquez, CEO of Boca Raton-based Protech Staffing, said the companies she works with are looking for people who can analyze systems and provide a cost analysis for upgrades, expansions and the like. Programmers with financial knowledge are in great demand as the financial world continues to get it footing. And techies with experience in digitizing and infrastructure creation are in growing demand as the federal healthcare legislation continues its roll out.

Special Report: Economic Forecast South Florida business face formidable challenges in 2009

Deborah Vazquez, CEO of PROTECH, was featured in an article “Special Report: Economic Forecast South Florida business face formidable challenges in 2009.”


“We’ve already been hearing about a lot of competitors that are downsizing or considering closing their doors altogether,” said Deborah Vazquez, owner of Fort Lauderdale-based Protech Personnel. Her staffing agency places technical workers in jobs with companies that produce information technology. Vazquez recently was recruiting to increase the size of her internal staff from 11 employees to 13. She opened her tech staffing agency in 2000, when many Internet-based companies collapsed after speculative investments in their stocks soured, and doubts that the current economic downturn will be worse.

“I don’t think this one is going to be as bad as the dot-com crash,” Vazquez said. One reason for her optimism is strength in the education and health services. “We have worked pretty extensively with companies that make software for hospitals and for schools,” she said.

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