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If it’s not an iPhone…well, it’s not an iPhone [Video]

Apple released their new video promoting the iPhone. With the not-so-subtle messaging stating that iPhone is better because they design both the hardware and the software and a tag line “If it’s not an iPhone. It’s not an iPhone” Apple is now directly taking on Android Devices. It’s a bit out of the norm for Apple with typical advertisements up-playing their benefits without dissing the competition.

Fly to the “Beats”, Apple Partners with Southwest to offer Free In-Flight Music Streaming

Announced today – and beginning today – your next flight may have a bit more, well Beats. Amid rumors that Beats Music is on its way out, Apple continues to push its newly-purchased Beats Music to various venues, including its latest integration with Apple TV and now Southwest Airlines. This latest addition of Southwest is expected to be a trial period for the brand to test consumer receptiveness as well as introduce potential new users to Beats. It’s a fairly good plan as Southwest users are a captive audience and getting something for free is always a bonus in the current trend of no-frills, bare-bones flights.