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The Secret to Retention: Happiness

Every year, the PROTECH workforce and leadership surveys offer insight into workforce trends, including motivating factors for job seekers. No matter what a candidate may answer as their reason for leaving or considering new roles, it always boils down to one simple thing: happiness.

9 Reasons People Hate Working at Your Company

Every day, job seekers look up your reputation as an employer and decide on whether or not they want to click that apply button based on what current and past employees are saying about you. If your reputation supersedes you as a mediocre employer, you’ll lose out on valuable applicants and even more valuable employees to your competitors. Ouch.

Reviewing employers on Glassdoor, we found a trend of complaints across multiple companies, industries and locations. If you’re concerned about losing valuable employees, check out the following top reasons that cause employees to be dissatisfied and seek employment elsewhere:

8 Habits of Extremely Likeable Leaders

Being a likeable leader also allows you to be a better leader. Good leadership isn’t just about telling others what to do and expecting it to happen – it’s being able to best identify your team’s individual strengths and skills, while helping them meet their potential

The Not-So-Shocking Truth about Women CEO’s

According to a research study conducted by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, there are some key differences between company heads based on gender. One of these differences is that companies with women in top leadership positions (including board of directors) reported 34% greater return to shareholders than those with lesser representation, indicating that gender diversity in the workplace is beneficial for all, not just women in those roles. However, even though companies with women leadership reported greater returns and better corporate perception, Weber Shandwick realized there wasn’t any real data on the why or how. By conducting a research study on more than 1,50 executives (both men and women) in 19 markets across the world, they were able to pinpoint some key differentiation between CEO’s of different genders.