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Happy Memorial Day Weekend. This months highlights: Women in Tech, Uber/Lyft Leave Austin, Learn to Code for Free

Want to receive next month's newsletter? Sign up here.      The Highs and Lows of Women in Tech Why are there so few women in tech leadership roles? According to a recent Reuters study, 30% of 450 technology executives stated that their groups had no women in leadership positions. Only 25% of the IT jobs

Uber and Lyft leave Austin to protest fingerprint background checks

In their early days, Uber and Lyft were little startups fighting against ‘big taxi’ and government officials who were supposedly being bought with that big taxi money. With a common hate for the traditional dirty, thieving taxi industry, the common man, woman and child believed regulations against Uber and Lyft as blows against themselves and their choices. What’s next, we collectively asked, is the government going to want to charge me a fee for taking my sister to the airport? Do I need to get a background check to pick up my friend from the bar?

Uber to Shut Down Service in Broward County on July 31st

Uber, the popular ride-share startup, recently announced they will be halting service in Broward County starting on July 31st, 2015 due to new regulations put in place by the Broward County Commission on February 10th. In the new regulation, Uber and other ride sharing companies would be regulated the same as taxi services and required to pay the same fees for permits and licensing. Uber, who considers themselves a technology company and not a taxi company, considers the regulation “hostile” and “onerous”.