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Overcoming the Challenges of Being a Woman in Tech

Previously, we share about the “Highs and Lows of Women in Tech” to highlight some of the challenges women face in the industry. With thousands of shares, comments and likes, it was clear that it hit a cord in the tech space by highlighting the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done in the industry. As a follow-up to that piece, this covers the major challenges that women face in tech and avenues and advice from experts to address and potentially overcome those challenges.

The Million Dollar Shack and Silicon Valley’s Housing Crisis

Almost every software developer dreams about an opportunity to join tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook or Hooli. But what really happens when a tech giant moves into your neighborhood? With rising salaries comes rising property costs and with rising property costs comes foreign investors profiting big – yet leaving houses empty. In some cases, employees choose to live out of a car or even a box truck.

“Tech leaders unswayed by changes at Citrix” – PROTECH CEO, Deborah Vazquez, Quoted in Sun Sentinel

With Citrix’s future in South Florida uncertain, tech leaders in South Florida were interviewed by the Sun Sentinel to give their input on how the possible move of the tech giant to Silicon Valley could affect the local tech front. Deborah Vazquez, CEO of PROTECH, was interviewed for the story.