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The Recruiting Reel: Bad Recruiting Habits You Should Stop Right Now (With Elizabeth Becker) – Featured on Fox Business

We all have bad habits. For example, some of us chew our nails, and some of us check our phones too many times in a day. But when your hiring process suffers from counterproductive, harmful tendencies, it’s time to make a change. This week, our featured expert, Elizabeth Becker, shares her insights on the topic of bad recruiting habits.

A fusion of tech and fashion: South Florida-based Ilene Berg Shoes

You likely don’t think of shoes when you heard the word technology. Which is why so many at this year’s eMerge America’s Tech Expo were so surprised to see a Ilene Berg shoes front and center. “I thought, ‘what do shoes have to do with tech,'” one eMerge attendee told me. “Then I realized it was actually pretty smart, they stood out among the tech companies.”

11 Technology Firsts

Welcome to 2015. As we continue to make advances in technology, it's fun to take a look back and see where some of the tools we use everyday got their beginnings. Discover technology firsts like the first ever text message, first album released to CD and even the first spam message