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‘Tis the Season to Ask for a Raise…Here’s How

With the end of the year fast approaching, supermarket aisles are already brimming with holiday decorations and festive treats. While most people are dreaming of spending a few relaxing days with friends and family, the wise employee recognizes their opportunity to get the raise they are looking for – and maybe even a solid end-of-the-year bonus as well.

3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Job Search

No, Job Sabotage isn’t your coworker putting your stapler in Jell-o or getting you blamed for something they did. It’s actually the way we sabotage ourselves when looking for a new job. There are a million ways we can unintentionally sabotage ourselves while on the hunt for a job, preventing us from getting the job we really, really want. If you’re looking to make your next move, here are a few tips to help you stop sabotaging and start rocketing into an awesome new job.

10 Things Silicon Valley Taught Us about Startups

With Silicon Valley Season 2 over for the year, fans everywhere are now wondering what to do with their now free Sunday evenings. As humorous as Silicon Valley may be, most of the show is based on real startups. It’s not easy running a startup but if you’re thinking of taking the plunge (or already are), here are few valuable lessons the from the show.

7 Things About Innovation Your Boss Wants to Know

With 2015 right around the corner, your boss is probably thinking about end of the year reports, next year’s budgets and how to divvy out the holiday bonus. The thing you may not realize is on their mind is how to be more innovative in 2015. Understanding what’s on your bosses mind in the realm of innovation can help you become a vital part of your company.