10 Most Popular Websites That You Visit

Google. No surprise here that Google is the winner of this popular websites contest. Google isn’t just a search engine; it’s a go-to way of life. Google is your right-hand man for anything and everything you might want or need. About 1,100,000,000 people visit Google monthly and that number alone is representative of just the type of saving Google provides for us. No wonder it’s the leading website in most website visits.

YouTube. This site is home to every video and song imaginable just for your enjoyment. Why not play your favorite song or watch the funniest cat videos on repeat? The only way to get the best is to use the best, and that, right there, is YouTube. Whether you’re watching videos or making them, YouTube has about 1,000,000,000 average monthly visitors which means it ranks number one in the video category of popular websites.

Facebook. Facebook is that site to check up on old friends and give them a chance to check up on you. Some of us use Facebook to stay connected and updated and it’s no surprise that to do that, 900,000,000 average monthly visitors would have to visit this site.

Yahoo! Yahoo! is home to another search engine while it’s main production is it’s access to your mail. 750,000,000 people visit Yahoo! monthly getting their emails and news while searching the web if they wish to do so.

Amazon. Amazon is the place to be if you want that discounted book, movie, or pretty much anything else imaginable. Amazon has it all for you to purchase whether it’s new or in used condition. Either way, 500,000,000 people visit this site monthly searching to buy all they’ve ever wanted.

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Wikipedia. This site is dream a come true and has information about any topic you could possibly think of. Without this website I’m sure the 475,000,000 average monthly visitors would be lost and have to find somewhere else to help them with their homework or trivia questions.

Twitter. Twitter has become a haven for the younger population but is now making its debut for political figures, local businesses, and even major corporations. You can pretty much find anyone on Twitter nowadays with the 290,000,000 monthly visitors tweeting their lives away.

Bing. Bing is not only a search engine but the more you use it, the more credits you build up earning you free things like gift cards. Free stuff might not be an incentive for everyone, but for the 285,000,000 average monthly visitors, it sure is.

eBay. Whether you are bidding on an item against a fellow “eBayer” or posting something to sell to the public, eBay has everything you could think of from electronics to artwork. It’s a no brainer that 285,000,000 people visit this site monthly looking for those daily deals to score on.

MSN. MSN is home to another email messenger. You can chat with your friends and search things on the web. It may not be as popular as the other websites but it still makes our list with 280,000,000 monthly visitors hitting the website.

10 Most Popular Websites That You Visit

Elizabeth Becker

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