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The 2015 PROTECH Leadership and Tech surveys were featured in the Sun Sentinel. Read an excerpt below from the article by Marcia Heroux Pounds.


The market for tech talent in South Florida continues to be hot.

In an annual survey released Friday by ProTech Staffing in Boca Raton, 88 percent of employees say they’re willing to change employers, compared with 87 percent a year ago.

The top reasons — salary, company culture and lack of career path — were the same as last year. Forty-two percent said salary was the No. 1 reason for seeking a new job, compared with 45 percent last year.

The tech professionals report an average pay increase in 2014 of 5 percent, compared with 6 percent in 2013.

“We continue to see a strong shift from anemployer-driven market to a candidate-driven market, where candidates are weighing multiple offers and sign-on bonuses are coming back,” said Deborah Vazquez, chief executive of ProTech.

To read the full article about the PROTECH 2015 Tech Leadership and Talent Surveys, visit the Sun Sentinel.

2015 PROTECH Tech Leadership and Talent Surveys Featured in Sun Sentinel
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