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eMerge Americas once again showcased South Florida as the emerging tech hub it is. I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual conference and check out some of the smart tech products growing right in our own backyard. Here’s some of the most innovative ideas I experienced at the 2015 event.

Smart Vending Machines: Fanwise, based out of Fort Lauderdale, is turning social media into a new form of currency. How does it work exactly? The smart vending machine rewards users for posting about a sponsor’s product using by giving them credit toward a vending machine purchase. In some promos, you get a product completely free just for your share. I used the mini vending machine and received a business card in exchange for a tweet or a share. Definitely the most interesting way to share a business card at an event.

More about how it works:

Smart Housing for Seniors: Rooms2Care, founded by Dr. Todd Florin, is trying to revolutionize the way that seniors find housing. With increasing costs of assisted living homes, more and more seniors are finding themselves unable to afford it. Rooms2Care is offering a solution by connecting seniors with anyone looking to make extra income from renting space in their home. Along with renting space, seniors can also be match to caregivers that are able to provide more than just a place to stay.

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Smart Advertising: Holography Box is bringing POP advertising to life with their hologram based advertising. With in-store decisions at an all-time high (76%), companies have to be creative to end up in the consumer’s cart. Typically, that creativity has to come from packaging and standard POP advertisements. Not anymore. Holography Box is taking it to the extreme by adding the extra element of a lifelike hologram to influence buying decisions. Just watching the lifelike cappuccino spinning around made me want one ASAP so I can see how this could be a big seller.

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Smart Dating: Ever catch someone’s eye at a stoplight and wish you had a quick way to make a connection without being creepy? The founder of Diggidi, Lior Moravtchik, is trying to create an easy way to connect missed connections with his app. The basic principle is that each person using the app is randomly assigned a shape. When you spot someone you want to get a message to, you can simply flash them your shape. If it doesn’t get a conversation started right then and there, later, if they search for that shape on the app, they can initiate a conversation with you. Might seem strange, but it actually works. At eMerge, the founder simply showed me a picture of an anchor as I was walking by and I immediately stopped to ask about it. Although it may not have a large enough network (yet) for the missed connection use, I could see it being useful in a real life scenario.

More about how it works:

These were just a few of the smart tech products I was able to experience at eMerge 2015. More to come!

4 Smart Tech Products Emerging in South Florida
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