40+ Online Resume Tips From Hiring Experts That’ll Help You Win Your Job Search – PROTECH Expert Elizabeth Becker featured

By Linda Le Phan, via kununu

Did you know that 73% of job seekers today start their job search on Google? And just think, most job seekers typically have multiple versions of their resume uploaded to multiple different places, whether that’s on Linkedin, Indeed, Monster, etc. … so just imagine how many resumes are floating around on the interwebs right now!

We’ve yet to round up a big list of our favorite online resume tips that would be useful to anyone wanting to find a job online today (The closest we’ve done is one of our most successful posts to date, The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Best Practices for Job Seekers). So that’s what we’re doing in this article.

Instead of coming up with a list on our own, we turned to a bunch of hiring pros (who screen tons of online resumes on a regular basis) for their expert insight. More specifically, we asked over 20 hiring managers and resume experts – “What are your best online resume tips that’ll help job seekers win the job search?”

If you want companies and recruiters to find you (on LinkedIn, Monster, Career Builder) make sure your resume has all the skills you want them to find. If you don’t want a job as a cashier, maybe it’s time to take that college job off your resume.

Save a copy of your resume in Word format. Although other formats may look better, many ATS (aka Applicant Tracking Systems) systems cannot properly process files in PDF, Pages or other more obscure formats and HR/recruiters end up seeing a garbled mess. If you do not have Word on your computer, create the document in Google Docs and save a copy in Word to use for job applications.

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Use titles appropriately: If you are running your own consulting firm, are you really the CEO? Be careful with titles, over-inflating them can be more harmful than beneficial. Also, make sure to use specific titles. Don’t say Writer say Software Technical Writer.

Don’t give away your age: The year you graduated from high school or college can give away your age and ruin your chances at an interview, even though this practice is illegal. Remove any dates you have on your resume and possibly roles you held in the past that are no longer relevant.

If you’re in Tech, it’s ok to be over one page: I don’t know how many resumes I get that are crammed onto one page – this is outdated advice that no longer applies to most job seekers. The idea length is 2-3 pages, with the most important information on the first page.

-Elizabeth Becker is the Client Partner of IT Staffing Firm PROTECH


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40+ Online Resume Tips From Hiring Experts That’ll Help You Win Your Job Search – PROTECH Expert Elizabeth Becker featured
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