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IT companies offer their employees some of the greatest and most unique benefits you could even imagine. No more settling for your average parking spot or coffee machine, with these perks, you’ll wish you worked at these places in a minute.


Not only does working at Google provide you with the vibrant and colorful work life you wish for everyday, they offer tons of employee benefits and perks that make getting up to go to work a little easier. The Googleplex is home to swimming pools, a gym, and even an on-site oil change and car wash service. If you’re having a hard day at the office (not likely), employees don’t hesitate to get a massage, take a nap in the nap pods, and stop by their café where all the food there is free.



For the new parent employees at Facebook, $4,000 in “baby cash” is given to spend on their little new arrival, not to mention the four months paid leave they get as well. If you are a new parent or not, free meals are rewarded to the employees by the Facebook Culinary Team. Food is just waiting for you at the Facebook headquarters, ready for it to be snatched up.



Each Twitter employee tweets their way into their weekly Yoga and Pilates classes. Working up an appetite after all that physical activity is no problem when you get catered breakfast and lunch served to you daily. When work is over and it’s time to go home (who would even want to?), employees get their very own zip car to drive.

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Working at IT companies such as Yahoo might just be the most inspirational move you’ve ever made. Yahoo conducts an Influential Speakers Series inviting famous speakers to come talk to employees just to get the company meetings going and off to the right start. Live concerts equipped with fun barbeques are also available to employees when their day at work was just a little bit too quiet to bare.



A typical day at Dropbox starts with all the free snacks you could want. A music studio is available to employees who can’t wait to drop their next single into their Dropbox accounts. Why take a lunch break anymore when at Dropbox you can take a video game break. That’s right, Dropbox has its own game room with gaming tournaments always taking place against that one coworker you never got along with. May the best man win. But we know Dropbox employees are always winning.


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5 IT Companies with the Greatest Employee Perks

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