8 Tricks And Tips To Become the Office Coffee Hero


If you and your coworkers are resorting to spending way too much at fancy coffee shop chains because your office coffee is closer to sludge than coffee, here’s expert tips by Sarah @ We Dream of Coffee that will transform you to office coffee hero.

Ever wondered how to get the best from your coffee breaks? According to the U.S. News, 25% of union contracts had coffee breaks in 1957. This led to the invention of the coffee vending machines. So if you still missed your takeaway coffee this morning, grab your pen and paper and sit back and let me teach you my all-time favorite tricks to turn you into the office coffee guru.

Work with what you have

First things first, learn to work with what you have. If your organization has provided a good espresso machine, that’s a good start. Learn how to use your companies particular espresso machine to make your favorite cafe-inspired beverages.

Start Fresh

Don’t just use the old brewed coffee; you’ve probably got no idea how long it has been sitting there. In addition, remember to clean the pot and always use filtered water while brewing. You do not want your taste buds to battle with the water sediments.

Salt It

For the perfect tasting coffee, sprinkle a pinch of salt into the fresh coffee grounds. Trust me; you will love the taste. In fact, an article by Times magazine confirmed that the famous 85C Bakery Café, Taiwan’s top coffeehouse, has salted coffee as one of their best sellers.

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The Classic Cream

The creamier your milk is, the better the results. Humans have used milk since the beginning of time. And back in the days, there weren’t as many advanced milk separation equipment as there are today. So don’t blame your weight on milk cream. Whole milk or half & half will transform your beverage instantly. Not just coffee, but also with tea and cocoa.

French Press Cappuccino 

If your office only has a standard coffee maker but you crave lattes and cappuccinos, you might want to invest $10-15 in an inexpensive French Press. A French Press can quickly brew both coffee and espresso AND you can use the French Press to also froth milk. After you remove the coffee and clean the press, add milk and pump the press until the foam reaches desired frothiness – enjoy!

Irish Inspiration

If you’re having a rather slow day, use double the amount of coffee. Get ready for a major jolt. To get your Friday mojo on, incorporate a tot of your favorite liquor-inspired coffee creamer or a non-alcoholic (but tastes like it!) brandy. For office happy hours on the cheap, coffee cocktails with the real deal are a great way to enjoy a drink with the coworkers without dropping $10 a piece.

Combine Two Flavors

To achieve the best café-style cocoa drinks, empty your sachet of hot chocolate in a cup of coffee (instead of plain hot water). Then stir in your milk and enjoy. There is something about combining the two flavors that leave me craving for more. It gets even better when you sweeten with honey.

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Learn How To Decorate

Brighten the look of your beverages by adding a few decorations. It is not as hard as you might imagine. A little swirl of the cream on top with a toothpick can make a beautiful signature pattern. Advance your skills by popping into one of your nearest Starbucks. Starbucks have a wide range of coffee versions to taste from. Remember to ask for the recipe. I’ve gotten several good ones from them.

Storage Is Important

With coffee, always use freshly ground coffee beans. They make a huge difference. And watch out where your colleagues store them at the end of the day. The freezer is a no go zone for coffee beans. They absorb moisture pretty fast and lose a significant amount of flavor. You should always have them stored in a cool and dry place. Obviously, use an airtight container.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend coffee breaks. In fact, for you to be productive at work, your brain needs to shift focus occasionally. It’s not always about the beverage, but on how well you get to relax during work. Have you had your coffee today?

Sarah is the editor of wedreamofcoffee.com. Coffee obsessed, she is always writing or learning new things about it. She loves to travel, partly to learn about coffee culture around the world, and of course to indulge in it as much as possible.

8 Tricks And Tips To Become the Office Coffee Hero
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