9 Reasons People Hate Working at Your Company

Every day, job seekers are looking at your reputation as an employer. Whether or not they apply (or take a job offer if they do go through the process) is typically based on what current and past employees are saying about you. If your reputation supersedes you as a mediocre employer, you’ll lose out on valuable applicants and even more valuable employees to your competitors. Ouch.

Reviewing employers on Glassdoor, we found a trend of complaints across multiple companies, industries and locations.  If you’re concerned about losing valuable employees, check out the following reasons that cause employees to be dissatisfied and start seeking employment elsewhere:

Poor Leadership

“Micro management.”

“Management does not seem to care about the well-being or the opinions of employees.”

“Management is as innovative as a brown paper bag.”

“Management very disconnected from the needs of the employees.”

“The management does not care how the decisions they make affect those beneath them.”

“Management does not care about their employees.”

Low Salary/Limited Pay Increases

“Pay increases are limited to annual reviews and are very low.”

“Horrible pay rate.”

“You’ll might get a small raise later maybe a year or two, a couple cents.”

“No pay raises.”

Low pay and low morale because people feel like higher ups don’t care.”

No Flex-Time or Work/Life Balance

“Full time associates have no flexibility allowed and can’t have a regular time of any day off.”

“No work/life balance.”

“Employees are very stressed because of no work/life balance

Long hours expected without any appreciation.”

“ZERO interest in providing staff with work/life balance.”

No flexibility with schedule, feels like you are in a slave camp.”

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“Doesn’t allow for a reasonable work / life balance.”

Deceptive Hiring and Company Practices

“Don’t lie about Advancement opportunities when there are none.”

“Lied to from the start.”

“When hired, I was lied to and told that part-time employees were eligible for benefits.”

“This is not an honest company – very shady policies.”

“Mandatory unpaid weekend overtime for salaried employees.”

Poor Benefits

“Benefits are a joke.”

“Discourages employees from using benefits.”

“Poor Paid Time Off accrual system.”

No real health benefits.”

No Opportunity to Grow

“No career progression.”

“There is not too much room for growth, either professionally or incentive-wise.”

“Do not allow employee career growth.”

“No opportunity for advancement.”

Company Culture

“Absolutely no culture to speak of.”

“A frustrating work environment that does not foster productivity.”

Unchallenging Work Environment

“You’re not challenged in your job, and work at a 20% capacity.”

“Sometimes it was busy, other times I had nothing to do.”

Job Security

“Job security is becoming obsolete.”

“Lots of surprise layoffs.”

What can you do to improve your reputation as an employer? Make sure your social accounts, especially Glassdoor, is carefully monitored for reviews by current and past employees. Glassdoor offers a Review Hightlights Feature that finds trends in reviews and gives you a breakdown of how many reviews had that specific Pro or Con. Noticing a trend in the reviews? That’s the time to take action before you lose employees and job applicants to your competitors.


9 Reasons People Hate Working at Your Company
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Elizabeth Becker

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