Apple Products: The Evolution

Apple has been creating the products we have come to know and love since the 1970s and has continued to prosper its developments ever since. Thirty years ago we took a bite out of Apple and never looked back.

In 1976, the Apple I came out at $666.66 and it was not a pretty sight but it was the start of something that would live on for years to come.

apple 1

In 1977, the Apple II was introduced to the world as one of the first mass-produced personal computers.

apple 2

In 1987, the Macintosh II was presented as the first Macintosh to support a colored display.

machintosh 2

In 1991, The PowerBook 100 came out as being Apple’s first real laptop. It was lightweight and after price cuts, its price came to be $1,000.

powerbook 100

In 1993, the Newton MessagePad was shown as an electronic organizer that could recognize your handwriting.

Newton MessagePad

In 1998, Apple exhibited the iMac that gave numerous color options for your liking and brought life back into Apple after Steve Jobs was ousted. He was back and better than ever with this new creation.


In 2001, the first iPod ever was sold where users could download 1,000 songs onto the 5GB hard drive. Mobile music listening was coming together and the world was responding positively.



In 2006, the MacBook Pro had arrived and it outperformed all other Apple portables. It was thinner than the PowerBook and had 15 more years of experience and growth complied into one.

macbook pro

In 2007, the first iPhone became available to use and the cellphone was never the same again. It compiled connection with iPod, games, and wireless web browsing. This touchscreen phone set the tone for the rest of the iPhones that were to come.

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iphone 3

In 2008, the MacBook Air was pegged as the world’s thinnest notebook computer. It weighed three pounds making it easy to take anywhere without a hassle.

macbook air

In 2010, the iPad made its way into our hearts and homes mixing it up between a computer and a smartphone. With its touchscreen, you were able to treat it like a phone while able to process more of the information like a computer.


In 2012, the iPad Mini came out giving customers a smaller version of the iPad’s 9.7 inches with 7.9 inches now.


In 2013, the iPhone 5c and 5s both were released offering customers another updated iPhone for them to get excited about. The 5s comes in space gray, silver, and gold while the 5c comes in various colors to spice up your technology life.




Apple Products: The Evolution

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