Virtual Reality promises to be the next big thing in tech. The opportunities and niche markets are endless, however, when most people thing of VR they immediately think of video games. However, an exciting possibility of VR is bringing things like coloring or reading books to life.




Founder of Loox VR, Ohmar Tacla, believes applications like this are a very real and exciting possibility. Ohmar has been in the augmented reality space since 2009 and his company recently presented their technology at eMerge Americas, as one of a few startups sponsored by the Brazil government.


It’s exciting to see an educational application of VR. Imagine learning a history course using VR and seeing historical figures and events in a realistic setting?

Ohmar Tacla’s company Loox is on the cutting edge of VR, having a cardboard version of their VR headsets before even Google. However, according to Ohmar, cardboard isn’t an ideal medium for a VR headset since it breaks down so quickly. That’s why they’ve created a low-cost plastic VR headset that’s popular with corporations like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.



For non-corporations, Loox also has created a social network for viewing and sharing 360/3D apps, games, pics, and videos at The first network of it’s type, Ohmar created it due to the fact social media sites like Facebook don’t support content like this – yet.

What application are you excited for in the VR space?

Are VR coloring books the next big thing?
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