Ask a Recruiter: I don’t have a degree, should I apply to jobs that require one?

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I have a lot of experience in my field, however, I never finished college so don’t have a degree. Should I even apply to jobs that list college education as a requirement?

-Zero Degrees in Cincinnati


Hi Zero Degrees in Cincinnati,

Most companies will consider candidates without degrees as long as they have equivalent working experience. With the shift toward a candidate driven marketplace, candidates have more power in their careers than ever before. Many candidates are actually considering multiple offers at once. This means, that HR departments are having to be a little bit less strict on those rules.

A few tips:

Apply to the SMB sector – HR departments tend to have a bit more flexibility to bend rules for the right candidate.

Avoid large corporations – their rules are often more rigid, even preventing internal promotions for employees that don’t have the right degree.

And, if in doubt, if the application is simple, apply anyway.

-A Recruiter Who Cares

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Ask a Recruiter: I don’t have a degree, should I apply to jobs that require one?

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