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This week, we asked our tech followers their thoughts on technology in 100 years. What would it be like, what types of technologies would we use in our everyday lives? Here were a couple of our favorite responses:

Human Uploading:

In a hundred years technology will include: “Heads-up-displays, 3D Printers, human uploading, super-intelligent AI, space travel, megastructures, self-replicating nanomachines, foglets, large-scale quantum computing, neural implants, realtime genome editing, cell nucleus nanomachines, space habitats, gray goo, and with these things and many more, the end of scarcity, the end of death, and the end of humanities childhood,” commented Mukesh Sharma.

Everything is Much Smaller:

“In short; everything is much smaller, orders of magnitude more efficient, able to be recycled easier,” Luscia Chirleeda said. “There is also a very complex relationship between technology, politics, economics, and society. Some small piece of technology can make something else much bigger possible. This, in turn, effects the creation of further technologies and industries, some of which may suppress further creation of new things and deployment of existing things.”

What do you think technology will look like in a hundred years? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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We Asked, You Responded: Technology in 100 Years
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