Disrupting Traditional Advertising: AdMobilize

Recently, I sat down with Rafael De Armas of the AdMobilize Team to learn more about their unique advertising product called AdBeacon. AdMobilize is disrupting the traditional advertising space by offering something everyone wants but doesn’t know how to get – viewer data. Until now, actual data on viewership for many traditional advertising mediums have been impossible to get. How many people actually looked at our billboard? How many people saw our Sale banner and came in? How many people are actually watching our screens as advertising ads run? Questions like these have remained unanswered until now. AdMobilize is trying to revolutionize traditional marketing by finally providing answers to the tough questions.

However, along with creating a functional product, preventing an adverse consumer reaction to the product is high on the AdMobilize priority list. They do not use any facial recognition in their software (which, paired with Facebook, could immediately recognize you) and all data is deleted after being analyzed for age, sex, ethnicity, emotion, etc. Along with these precautions, AdMobilize also hosts all the data on a secure server, and if it were somehow breached, the only data that could be accessed would be analytics, not actual images.

AdMobilize has growing presence in México, Colombia, Ecuador, Panamá, the US and England. Specifically, Agencies, Operators/Owners and Brands are the three main purchasers of AdMobilize. Here’s the benefits to each of those groups:

  • Agency: Can use to gauge ROI on traditional advertising such as billboards. The benefit to agencies is they can give clients real data on mediums that typically do not offer any analytics. This type of data can set themselves apart from other competing Agencies. For example, an Agency could use the data to see how many people look at their client’s billboard and how valuable the advertising space may or may not be.
  • Operators/Owners: Store owners that already have advertising playing on screens can use the device to give potential and current advertisers data on who is viewing the ads. Owners benefit by having real data on viewership, allowing them to better target potential advertisers. For example, if a local coffee shop installs the AdMobilize and finds their main demographic is students (likely from the local high schools) in the 16-18 age group, they might approach local colleges and have real data to convince the college to advertise with them.
  • Brands: The AdMobilize has been popular among large brands for event usage. By installing the AdMobilize around various spots of the event, they can get real data about what type of booths attract what type of audience and how they react. The AdMobilize also can give data about the event audience on a whole such as age, sex, ethnicity and emotion.
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Although specific pricing is not available (depends on a number of variables), there is a one-time fee for the unit plus a monthly fee for use. With all the perks of AdMobilize, the team admitted it was most effective when used in conjunction with other advertising, not as a sole replacement. However, the data it provides can prove to be invaluable in making future traditional advertising decisions and even increasing revenue potential from having the data to gain advertising partners.

Learn more: www.AdMobilize.com

Disrupting Traditional Advertising: AdMobilize
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