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Looking for a part-time IT job in an unlikely place? These companies may not necessarily be known for being IT-focused, but they do offer a multitude of benefits for part-time IT employees.


The aerospace and defense recruiting and staffing firm offers part-time IT jobs positions in everything from engineering to construction. Contracted workers who put in 20 hours or more each week are offered a number of generous medical benefits, including dental and vision coverage. Spouses and any dependent children are eligible as well.


The wholesale chain offers part-time IT jobs in everything from information systems to quality assurance to technical writing. The health benefit plan and a basic dental plan, the latter offered after six months’ employment, are available to part-timers who put in 20 hours per week. As most Costco stores have pharmacies and vision centers on-site, employees are often able to redeem their benefits at their place of work. Copays on over-the-counter drugs at in-store pharmacies tend to be fairly low.

Home Depot

This home improvement warehouse offers hundreds of part-time IT jobs in information technology and loss prevention. As of this year, part-timers no longer qualify for health insurance, but they are offered a number of other benefits, such as a hospital indemnity plan and a critical illness protection plan, as well as vision, dental, and life insurance.


A regular hirer of seasonal and part-time IT workers, the United Parcel Service offers full benefits, with tuition assistance included along with medical and dental coverage plans, for a number of part-time IT jobs.

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 A part-time IT job with the United States Post Office grants an employee full eligibility for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. The bulk of this program is paid for by the USPS, so paychecks last longer.



Five of 2014’s Best Part-Time IT Jobs with Benefits

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