How to Find a New Job – While You Still Have One – PROTECH Expert Quoted on CareerBuilder

If you’ve ever been on the job hunt, you know it can feel like a full-time job – which makes it all the more difficult to find and land a new opportunity when you’re already employed full time.

The hassle this represents is enough to keep many workers in positions they’re unhappy with for years. But by following these six easy tips, you can avoid the pitfalls and be on your way to a new job without alienating any of your colleagues.

Stay honest. While it’s important to practise discretion, it’s also important to maintain a positive working relationship with your colleagues and supervisors. “Don’t make up stories when taking days off to interview,” says Elizabeth Becker, client partner at IT staffing firm Protech. “Instead of explaining how your great aunt once removed passed away and you need to go to a funeral, just request the day off for ‘personal reasons.’”

“It will not reflect well when you put in your two weeks’ notice the day after a fictional funeral and may hurt any recommendation from your manager,” adds Becker.

Search after work hours . One of the biggest mistakes employed job seekers make is allowing their search to spill over into their work hours. In many workplaces, getting caught applying to other jobs during company time or on company-owned computers or smartphones may be grounds for termination.

“Request interviews during lunch breaks or after hours. Although it’s not guaranteed that a hiring manager will be able to accommodate your interview needs, it never hurts to ask,” Becker says. “In fact, seeing how accommodating a company is during the interview process is a great way to get a feel for how the company would treat you after [you’re] hired.”

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How to Find a New Job – While You Still Have One – PROTECH Expert Quoted on CareerBuilder

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