IT Contract Jobs: Pro vs. Con


Temporary can be a great move. The advantage of working in a contract position is that it gives you the flexible opportunity to work somewhere new when in between jobs. If that full-time position doesn’t look like it’s making its way to your door anytime soon, a contract position might just be the right thing for you to hold you down while waiting for full-time to head your way. It can be the perfect replacement for the time spent waiting for another job to come. This added experience could just be the addition to your resume employers have been waiting for.

Salary will get you moving. Most contract positions pay their newfound employees a higher salary incentive. If your expertise are needed across the country, the salary might just be worth more than the hassle of moving. IT Contract jobs cost companies less than full-time employees. Since your benefits and vacation packages are most likely going to get lost on the way over, companies now have more money to spend on you and making your salary one you actually desire.


 Not a home away from home. IT Contract jobs usually prevent you from staying in the same place where you currently reside. If the contract position looks like the best fit for you, it becomes a difficult decision if the family comes with you or if commuting back on the weekends is best. Uprooting your whole life just for something temporary suddenly becomes the job you didn’t sign up for. It is most certainly hard to create a life in a place you know you won’t be for very long and even harder saying goodbye to the place you thrive in everyday. Depending on how long the IT Contract jobs, you have the opportunity of getting are, you run the risk of making your goodbye even more challenging than it already is.

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No luxuries, more problems. IT permanent positions are granted with security and more packages than you could even ask for. IT Contract jobs do not receive any direct company benefits or stability. That secure mindset goes out the window when you now know the retirement plan and health insurance won’t be there. Sticking to full-time might be the best option for you knowing that your pensions and plans are a little bit more structured and that permanency is better than moving around on a contract basis.

IT Contract Jobs: Pro vs. Con

Elizabeth Becker

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