The PROTECH Approach

In our 20+ year history, we have never lost a single client.  This because we build consultative, long-lasting relationships with our clients by bringing them top-notch talent along with a guarantee for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are your typical clients?

Over 78% of our clients are software companies across the US targeting a variety of industries such as financial services, healthcare, travel, hospitality, supply chain, media, broadcasting, construction, and pharmaceuticals.  We also service employers across industries with open requirements for their internal IT departments.

What are your Direct Placement Services?

We work on a contingency basis which means employers owe us a fee only if we produce the best candidate for their job opening.  Using our extensive proprietary database and numerous resources and channels, we identify, qualify and refer only the most qualified candidates.   A 90-day replacement guarantee is provided on all direct hire placements during a probationary period to ensure everything works out between our client and their new employee.

What are your IT Staffing, Staff Augmentation and Contract-to-Hire Services?

We also offer our clients the choice of hiring consultants on a temporary basis to augment existing staff for as long as necessary and without a minimum time commitment.

Our clients can also decide to convert consultants to their own direct employees after a trial period, providing maximum hiring flexibility with reduced risk.

What Professional Services do you offer?

We offer our software company clients strategic technology sales and marketing consulting. Our consultants specialize in leadership coaching, software business consulting, sales strategy and specialized training solutions for the launch of new software products and services.

Tell me more about your Talent Assessment, Workshops and Market Studies?

PROTECH is retained by clients to conduct customized talent assessment and development strategies to align/re-align employee skills with current business needs. PROTECH organizes workshops on leadership, employee development, career management, and C-level mentoring. PROTECH also conducts research to produce customized market studies on local compensation and other areas for our corporate clients to ensure competitiveness.

What are your On-site Services?

For clients with peaks of high volume hiring, we can offer an experienced on-site technical recruiter and program manager to manage the full search-to-hire cycle. This allows you to not only streamline your internal hiring process, but it also provides you with large savings on your reduced internal staff time, reduced placement fees and increased productivity. PROTECH tools, services and proprietary database of talent are completely accessible throughout the process.

Where do you find the talent?

We find our talent through multiple mediums including our very own propriety database of pre-screened tech professionals, social media campaigns, networking events, hiring fairs, referral sourcing and subscription-based talent databases.

What is your guarantee?

We offer a replacement guarantee on all direct hire placements during a 90 probationary period.

What is your minimum term for temporary staff?

Unlike many firms, we do not have a minimum term for temporary staff.

What are your fees?

We pride ourselves in delivering the best value for our fees. For direct hire, we charge a very competitive percentage of the base salary only, we do not charge fees for bonuses or commissions. We use fair markups for temporary hires by providing an hourly rate for hours worked and approved by our clients.  This hourly rate is all-inclusive of payroll taxes, insurance and health benefits.

What due diligence do you conduct on candidates?

We adhere to each employer’s policies for reference, background checks and drug testing.  In other words, we will conduct whatever checks are necessary for each client at no additional cost.