Moleskine Lets You Turn Doodles into Vector Files

There are so many cool ways for artists to step into the digital world. Many phones and tablets let you doodle right on the device, creating an instant digital image. However, for artists that like the feel of paper in their hands or don’t like to be constricted with charging cables, this recent Moleskine announcment is exciting. Due to a partnership with Adobe, artists now can simply doodle on special Moleskine paper and instantly create a vector file of the doodle using a free app. Artists simply snap a picture of the image with an app powered by Adobe Creative SDK, immediately turning a hand drawing into a vector file accessible in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Draw on the Go

Whether you’re on a plane, train or riding in a car, anytime is a great time to jot down a quick sketch. After you’ve uploaded it, the files (both .jpg and .svg) are ready to be used in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to add in final touches.


Low Cost Option

What’s even better about this product is its low-cost price point. The Moleskine notebooks are only $33 and the paired app (iPhone only for now) is free.

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Moleskine Lets You Turn Doodles into Vector Files
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