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Move for the sense of adventure

Sometimes, millennials move just because they can—they have fewer family obligations than older generations and aren’t ready to settle down. For Elizabeth Becker, client partner at PROTECH, a staffing firm in Boca Raton, Florida, the option to telecommute and a sense of adventure lured her to move to Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I don’t have any family or reason to have moved, I simply thought that the city and the surrounding area seemed like a beautiful place to spend the next three to five years,” she says. “My incentive was to explore and learn about a new city and way of life.”

Before you make a decision to move, consider all your options. Of course, moving for a job when you already have one is easier than starting cold in foreign terrain.

Just remember: Life’s an adventure. Don’t let the thought of unfamiliar territory dissuade you from taking a leap and pursuing your dream job.

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Elizabeth Becker

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