New Belt Makes Charging Your Phone on the Go Super Stylish

Low battery, the nemesis of the tech-savvy people everywhere. You’re out for the night, trying to take a photo or send a text and you get the dreaded red battery indicating your phone is about to run out of juice.

Yes, there are solutions out there to solve the low battery crisis. Like portable chargers (clumsy) or cases that pack some extra power. But unless you like carrying around a charger wherever you go or you love a phone that could double as a doorstop, there isn’t really anything on the market that provides an extra bit of charge on the go while being easy to carry and stylish. That’s where Nifty decided to step in. Designing a belt that was not only stylish, it also has a secret ability: it can charge your phone on the go. Called XOO (pronounced kind of like zoo), right now it’s only available through its crowdfunding page on indiegogo (where it is just over $10K away from meeting its funding goal) for $155.

The concept is almost too perfect. It’s great for those that love to be on their phones but are never near a charging station. Most men and many women wear belts and with this product you just plug your phone into your belt then pop it into your pocket. This might be a concern for many people with larger phones as putting the phone into your pocket to charge many not be possible. However, in that case, you can still charge the phone while holding it. Might not be ideal but it is still more convenient than carrying around a portable charging unit.

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Smart Design and Partnership with Casely – Hayford

Nifty decided to take the slow and stylish route in designing the XOO belt. Their classic design is available in brown and black and paired with a silver, unadorned buckle. The modular design means that you can have multiple belts that work with multiple buckles, giving you the ability to change up your look.

Along with their Classic XOO, you can also get your hands on the Casely-Hayford collection of XOO belts. In a fashionable black with simple white adornment, these belts have a ultra-high class look, definitely not the geeky look you might expect from a phone charging belt.

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New Belt Makes Charging Your Phone on the Go Super Stylish
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