New SaaS Platform Uses Big Data to Help Companies Promote from Within

Promoting from within using big data – new hiring trend for big companies or just a fad?

One of the biggest reasons candidates leave positions is the lack of upward mobility. Many feel like they don’t have opportunities to grow into senior roles because all the higher level positions are being filled with outside talent. Sometimes candidates feel bored with the work they are doing and want to try something else, maybe even something in a completely different department. Top talent, most will agree, is worth keeping, even if they move departments or change positions. Clustree is providing a high tech solution to do just that.

So what exactly is Clustree? Founded in 2013 by Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, Clustree is a French startup designed to improve talent retention by matching internal candidates with jobs through big data. Of course companies have always had the opportunity to promote from within, but Soissan hopes her software will better encourage them to do just that by making it easier to find internal candidates for open requirements. It seems companies and investors are taking note as the company recently announced receiving $760,000 (€600,000) in seed money from Alven Capital. Currently, it is running a multi-national pilot with pricing around $6.20 per employee per month (€5).

“With Clustree, the hiring process will be based on potential and no more on skills. As an HR, you will not have the same candidates suggestions: for example, for a position of business developer, Clustree could purpose you an HR Manager,” Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, Founder and CEO of Clustree commented. “The hiring process will no more be enclosed in predefined patterns, but will allow to think out of the box and to innovate with atypical profiles that bring a fresh look on business.”

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New SaaS Platform Uses Big Data to Help Companies Promote from Within
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