Online Retail Bringing its E (E-Commerce) Game

Ebay and Amazon may together be popularly thought of as the hallmarks of e-commerce, but several other online markets, some general like the two biggest competitors and some more specialized, are starting to edge into, and shape, the Web’s business and trading scene. This even includes pet adoptions! Check out these three popular E-commerce sites and fun facts that set them apart from the rest.

This e-commerce giant pretty much has it all, but they don’t just limit themselves to easily marketable goods like electronics, jewelry, home furnishings, clothing, and toys. The site can direct users to pet adoptions, insurance quotes, car sales, and even an online farmer’s market. Yes, you can get your next family pet at!

Fun fact: Overstock is the largest site of its kind to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, a decision that got a lot of news coverage.

Poshmark is a fashion site designed for women to buy and sell unwanted clothing and accessories. Each user has her own virtual “closet” filled with images and descriptions of items that she wishes to sell; closets can be viewed by other users who may wish to purchase, or offer a trade for, a certain pair of shoes. Members can follow closets to stay updated on new listings, and specifying size in the user profile ensures a tailored feed, as do feature Showrooms, on the site.
Fun fact: One of Poshmark’s leading marketing points is that the company will not pay a seller until the buyer has received her order in the condition it was portrayed.

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Etsy has become quite the DIY e-commerce sensation. Hundreds of sellers post handmade, home-crafted items, ranging from jewelry to art to handbags and home décor. Small businesses and individuals have access to thousands of buyers and sellers across the world, and Etsy makes it easy for members to enter the e-commerce market and profit off of their own work.
Fun fact: The company is also a Certified B Corporation, meaning that it utilizes the power of business to offer solutions to social and environmental issues.

Online Retail Bringing its E (E-Commerce) Game

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