Photo snatching and 10 other unbelievable (yet true) interview stories

If you’ve ever been involved in a hiring decision, you’ve likely had a strange interview or two. Don’t forget to share your crazy interview tales in the comments below! 

The Motorcycle


CC license, Indian Stan

My own personal ‘strangest’ interview story was when I was hiring for a front office desk job and a girl showing up with her boyfriend to an interview. Not only did they ride in together on a motorcycle (making me wonder if she had reliable transportation) but the boyfriend came into my office with her. Already knowing this wasn’t going to work out from this lack of judgement, I went ahead with the interview and to my surprise, the boyfriend, for whatever reason, decided to chime in on many of the questions on her behalf. The tag team did not get the job.

Here’s a few other stories of strange interview behavior from CareerBuilder’s recent survey.  

The Family Photo:


A hiring manager was surprised when a candidate decided to take a family photo from their desk and put it in their purse. Stealing is never a good idea at anytime, least of all during an interview!

Temper tantrum:


CC License, Sumlin

Interview taking too long? An interviewer recalled a time when a potential candidate lost their cool and started screaming that the interview was too long. If you have a tight schedule, it’s important to inform the person arranging the interview to make sure they’re aware before you show up. It’s never appropriate to throw a temper tantrum.

Mind reader:

animal magnetism

CC License, Kai Schreiber

An interview remembered a time when a candidate claimed to be psychic/medium and insisted on reading the interviewer’s palm – despite the interviewer declining several times. Let’s just say if you were really psychic, you’d be able to better get the hint.

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Birds of a feather:

Maria's Birdhouse Of Many Colors

CC License, Bill Gracey

A candidate for a data entry clerk role told an interviewer that her ideal job was “painter of birdhouses” – she didn’t get the job.

Adele wannabe:


 An interviewer was shocked when a candidate decided to show off her singing chops by singing the replies to all her questions.


Hello, can you hear me?

I’m desperate to get this job that you are hiring for

When I’m hired, you will see

I’m the best at singing all about my job duties


There’s such a difference between us

But I’ll sing anyway


Dry feet:

my orange-pink toe nails

 CC License, c_chan808

Sometimes dry feet hit you at unexpected times! What do you do? One thing you certainly don’t is apply lotion to your feet in the middle of a job interview. This actually happened to a surprised hiring manager.

Dead-beat husband:

A man at a recent interview said he was only applying for the role because “My wife wants me to get a job.” Hopefully she also wants you to show up everyday.

Heart to Heart:



 CC license

It should go without saying that any bodily contact besides a handshake is a no-go at an interview. That didn’t stop a job candidate who decided to feel the interviewer’s check to ‘connect heart to heart’. If that doesn’t scream ‘sexual harassment liability’, nothing does.

Birds again?

Pet Rooster

 CC License, Thomas Hawk

Another candidate decided to bring their pet bird along to an interview. Although they didn’t specify what kind of bird, we decided to believe it was a pet rooster.  

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Down the drain:

Public toilet

 CC License, Sam

Another candidate ruined their chances by taking the call in the bathroom – and flushing. Whoops…


What about you? Share your crazy interview story in comments below?


Photo snatching and 10 other unbelievable (yet true) interview stories

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