PRO-spective: Musings on a Marketing Internship at PROTECH

I wasn’t sure if I would even land the marketing internship at PROTECH when I was asked in for an interview. I assumed that the company would be flooded by college marketing majors looking for a summer gig, and I, being neither a college student (read: yet- New York University Class of 2018), nor a marketing major (I’m heading in undecided), believed myself to have the disadvantage. But you have to start somewhere, no?

Fast forward five weeks and I can give you the basics of WordPress, explain the importance of keywording, and put out a killer meta-description. I’ve written content for a website that is launching at the end of the year, watched as my original pieces received thousands of page views, and skimmed hundreds of resumes to update a database.

I am grateful to PROTECH for giving me the opportunity to learn a few new things this summer and gain true work experience. I never thought I would go into college not knowing what I wanted to study, but this glance into marketing gave me some perspective on an area that could very well become relevant to my college and professional career. I follow numerous blogs, and love to write, so seeing how these elements come into play at an IT staffing firm was a unique way to experience something I enjoy.

I can also say that I am now versed in some IT lingo, as well as various skills and programs in the industry, albeit if I have not a clue as to what they actually entail or how they function. Opting to intern at PROTECH this summer was definitely a wise choice and something I would do over again.

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And now the position can take the first slot on my new “grown-up” resume.

-Alexa Koch on her Marketing Internship at PROTECH

PRO-spective: Musings on a Marketing Internship at PROTECH

Elizabeth Becker

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