The Pros and Cons of Looking for a Job

Job hunting is like riding a roller coaster. There’s ups, downs, butterflies and letdown. Here are some of my Pros and Cons of looking for a job.


Pro: The Thrill of the Hunt

It can be fun looking for a new job, skimming through boards looking at position after position and researching the companies you want to work at.


Con: It Gets Tiring Fast

Job posts start to look alike after a while and some applications can be 30 minutes or more!


Pro: Finding the Perfect Job

You’ve almost lost all hope when you find that job that seems to have been written for you. Yes! Keep a list of the dream jobs you find so you can follow up if feel your application entered a black hole.


Con: Job Postings are Old

You begin to wonder why a job has remained unfilled since last year. Or if the job is just an old posting. If unsure, it’s a good idea to call in about the role rather than spend time applying for a dead end.


Pro: Opportunity to be (a bit) Boastful

It can be a good feeling looking back on your past positions and sharing your accomplishments. Remember, it’s not about what you did but how you were successful.


Con: Writing a Cover Letter

It’s hard selling ourselves as the right person for the role. Don’t skip this step, make sure to polish that cover letter. Now’s not the time to be shy, make sure your cover letter is absolutely glowing with your professional achievements.

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Pro: Hearing Back

They love your resume and want to meet with you. This calls for a celebration!


Con: Not Hearing Back

You’ve put a lot of time into your application and don’t hear anything back. Maybe they’re overwhelmed with applicants or yours slipped through the cracks. Either way, a courtesy call to make sure your resume made it to the right hands is perfectly acceptable.


Pro: Interviewing

Interviewing is the first step to getting that offer, time to break out the business professional attire.


Con: Interviewing

Interviews are super stressful. Plus, if you have a job, it can be hard to get time off for interviews.


Pro: Getting a Great Offer

They liked you so much they’re ready to hire you! Even if the offer is really exciting, make sure they are giving you time to give adequate notice to your current employer and have all the benefits written out in a formal letter. Don’t jump and accept without knowing all the details!


Con: Getting a Not-So-Great Offer

This can be an underwhelming offer or even one that is unclear on benefits. As disappointing as it is, this can be a great opportunity to practice up on your negotiating skills. Even if you aren’t able to turn the offer around, you’ll have learned the skill of negotiating.


What are some Pros and Cons you’ve encountered when looking for a job? If you’re searching for a new position, check out our current openings.

The Pros and Cons of Looking for a Job
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