Sample Client Value Scorecard


Clients:  Our typical client is high-growth and has an excellent employer reputation. We can refer our candidates with pride knowing they will be going into a position and company they will enjoy.

  • We select high growth client’s and best companies to work for
  • Clients which embrace “partnership” mentality
  • Require Top Talent to succeed
  • Are our best referrals (e.g. lower marketing costs, we put investment back into our  team & tools)

Candidates: We focus on identifying ‘A’ players for consulting engagements and direct hire within our client companies.

  • 89% of candidates placed are employed, not actively looking
  • Most are referred by previous candidates/clients/alliance partnerships
  • Extensive due diligence on fit, commit, background, culture, diversity

PROTECH Team: Our team consists of IT professionals who know what makes a great tech candidate.

  • Passionate about customer success
  • High Diversity
  • Tri-lingual (Americas focus)
  • Trained on  customer business, market trends, advanced tools and techniques, best practices and KPI driven
  • Deep tech experience
  • Embrace PROTECH philosophy to deliver “best client & candidate experience”

Process: We carefully choose only the best candidates to refer and invest in tools and training to provide industry leading results.

  • “Match and send” Philosophy
  • Relationship network driven
  • Metrics reinforced
  • Lean, easy to work with, customer-centric
  • High client/candidate referral rates  net lower marketing costs, so we put investment back into our team and tools
  • Consistent investment in Advanced Systems, Tools, Training, People, Alliances