PROTECH Expert Featured in “What the Experts Know – Advice on Making a Great Impression”

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If you are like most job seekers, you wonder if you are doing the right things to get a new job. You probably wished for insights into the hiring process so you do not lose out on any great opportunities. In this blog, we discuss a problem that many job seekers do not know they even have: they do not make a memorable impression.

When you look for a new job, it becomes a major priority in your life. The open position you are targeting is only one concern for hospitals and clinics. A recruiter often works on several open positions at a time, and hiring managers try to interview people in between their normal responsibilities. This situation means that you are in real danger of falling through the cracks if you do not come across well.

Insights into Hiring

I reached out to several people with experience in recruiting, coaching, and/or representing job candidates. I wanted their insights into what makes people stand out during a job search. Some responses were edited.

Elizabeth Becker – Client Partner with PROTECH-, a company that specializes in placing IT professionals. Many of Elizabeth’s clients are in the healthcare space. She gave excellent advice that is relevant for all job seekers. Here are her comments.

Making a positive impression in an interview, especially when it’s a phone interview, can be extremely challenging. Hiring managers talk to so many people that they all begin to blend together. Most candidates aren’t memorable because they make these three interview-killing mistakes:

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1) Being too meek/passive. Interviewing is a two-way street. If you come to the interview and only answer the questions the interviewer asks, you aren’t engaging. Hiring managers want people that can come into a role to find and solve problems. If you’re not digging into the role and asking questions, you won’t seem like a self-starter.

2) Not being yourself. People want to work with people they like, so don’t be afraid to make a joke or to tell an interesting story about yourself. Although traditional interviewing advice may tell you to be as vanilla as possible to avoid saying something the hiring manager deems offensive, would you even want to work in a place where your sparkle isn’t appreciated?

3) Not knowing anything about the company. A huge interview killer is a candidate that hasn’t taken the time to at least google what it is that the company does.

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PROTECH Expert Featured in “What the Experts Know – Advice on Making a Great Impression”

Elizabeth Becker

Elizabeth is Marketing Manager at PROTECH. Comments and feedback can be directed to her at