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Information Technology (IT) Hiring and Budgets Increase in 2011 PROTECH Releases 9th Annual S. FL Tech Leadership and 7th Annual Tech Talent Survey Results


March 30, 2011

BOCA RATON, Fla. – According to two just-released surveys by Boca Raton-Information Technology (IT) search and staffing specialist, PROTECH, there is much stronger economic outlook among IT executives and tech talent in the region.

The 9th Annual Tech Leadership survey revealed that IT budgets for 2011 are up by 41% from

2010.  37% of Tech Leaders plan to increase IT staff this year (up by 23% compared to 2010). And 50% of Tech Executives are concerned about losing top IT talent in 2011, the top two key

reasons cited are compensation and lack of career path.

The 7th Annual Tech Talent survey shows a marked improvement in perception regarding the job market with 31 percent viewing the job market as “better” compared to 15% last year.  88% of employed IT talent are willing to leave their current employer (up from 81% in 2010). Top three factors when considering a new job include Salary, company stability and benefits.

“When you look at the average pay increase for Tech talent in 2010 of only 2%, you begin to understand why more employees are willing to make a change as they see IT job market conditions improving.  We are already seeing higher demand for certain IT skills than supply and multiple job offers,” said Deborah Vazquez, PROTECH CEO.

PROTECH surveyed over 700 IT Director to CIO level executives for its 9th annual Tech Leadership Survey; and over 14,000 IT professionals for its 7th annual Tech Talent survey. All participants are located in Florida’s Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

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Additional survey highlights:

Economic Outlook: The number of Tech Executives who perceive the current health of the overall economy as “Getting Stronger” this year was 53% versus 21% in 2010.

The top three technology-related priorities for 2011 are “Infrastructure Upgrades” (48%); “Web site redesign” (21%); and “New Large Applications Development endeavor” (13%).

Non- technology related priorities are “Marketing and Branding” (24%); “Streamline Operations” (24%); and “Implement management framework, “Improve Customer Satisfaction, “Increase Sales” and “Product Innovation” all had a 13% response.


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PROTECH Releases 2011 Tech Surveys Revealing Insight into the Job Market

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