Hali Jordan, Marketing Intern

Finding a summer marketing internship in South Florida was not an easy task trying to work around my summer schedule before I went back up to Florida State University in the fall. When I stumbled upon PROTECH, I was grateful for the opportunity and experience to broaden my knowledge in a working environment. I wasn’t too familiar with marketing and what it entailed but I was willing to learn and grow, especially due to my major being in Communications.

Here at PROTECH, along with the help of another fellow intern, our brand was sharpened by the new website we were trying to build and publish as well as the start of a brand new blog. Our internet-technology based articles were being published on our new website as well as other social media platforms. Before I knew it, I went from barely having my toes dipped into the marketing industry to making my way through it full speed. Coordinating some of our social media brought out my inner creativity while strengthening my skills in this rapidly growing social media world.

After reading through tons of resumes, I also learned about certain do’s and don’ts to include on your resume to strengthen it for future employers. Contacting candidates became second nature while trying to update our database with relevant information. Overall, I became familiar with the IT industry even by my limited exposure and I am thankful for that.

Not only did my marketing internship at PROTECH help me build up my resume and marketing skills, it helped me get a feel for what it actually means to implement hard work and have something to show for it. I am excited to bring back what I learned to school and have the opportunity to apply that into my major in more ways than one. This wasn’t just a job to me, but a newfound skillset that is only the beginning of my professional career. I would like to thank PROTECH for giving me a great internship experience that I am sad to see go.

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-Hali Jordan, Marketing Intern

Reflection: My Marketing Internship at PROTECH

Elizabeth Becker

Elizabeth is Marketing Manager at PROTECH. Comments and feedback can be directed to her at jobs@protechfl.com.