Never-Before-Seen Photos of Steve Jobs from 1985-2000

Steve Jobs, the genius behind the PC revolution and the Apple brand, is the subject of the new book, Fearless Genius. The entrepreneur was the subject of 250,000 rare, never-before-seen photos from 1985-2000 by photojournalist Doug Menuez.

Steve Jobs Explaining Ten Year Technology Development Cycles: Sonoma, California, 1986.



He was starting over with a new company called NeXT and was intent on building a supercomputer that would transform education. His plan was to put the power of a mainframe into an affordable one-foot cube a student could use.

Excerpts from the book “Fearless Genius” by Doug Menuez, Atria Books. Used with permission.

Never-Before-Seen Photos of Steve Jobs from 1985-2000
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