Never-Before-Seen Photos of Steve Jobs from 1985-2000

Steve Jobs Views the NeXT Computer Case Prototype. Santa Cruz, California, 1987


A rare view of Steve Jobs in action, in this case agonizing over the surface texture of the anodized cast-magnesium cube for the NeXT computer with Ken Haven, director, mechanical engineering. Magnesium is lightweight and strong, but the complications of manufacturing the cube to Steve’s exact standards were quickly adding to the costs and delaying the product. 
Design Director Eddie Lee described his interactions with Steve as one of the greatest experiences of his life. Sure it was tough, he says today, but he never took it personally because it was always about “making the thing better.”

Excerpts from the book “Fearless Genius” by Doug Menuez, Atria Books. Used with permission.

Never-Before-Seen Photos of Steve Jobs from 1985-2000
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